Resources for Cracked Earth

Here are the resources for this weekend’s game of Cracked Earth

Most of these ones should be familiar. The Operator is gone, but there are two new ones…

    Basic Playbooks: AW2ndEdPlaybooksPreview.pdf



Play a monster:

    Playbook for The Faceless: AW2ndEdFacelessPreview.pdf

Play a life-giver:

    Playbook for The Waterbearer: AW2ndEdWaterbearerPreview.pdf

Play a bard!:

    Playbook for The Show: AW2ndEdTheShowPreview.pdf

Play a weirdo:

    Playbook for The Childthing: AW2ndEdChildthingPreview.pdf

Play a scandalmonger:

    Playbook for The News: AW2ndEdTheNewsPreview.pdf

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