Interview with Ole Peder Giæver

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Note: When I talked about Gen Con being a mutant, what I meant was that it has outgrown being a single event, and that the different types of gaming involved should have their own cons. An unpopular opinion, perhaps.


Some of the things we talked about include:
(5:10) The G+ RPG community
(11:00) “I wanna do OSR…”
(16:35) Freeform
(21:50) Nordic larp
(32:50) Indie games
(48:54) Fastaval
(52:47) The upcoming Itras By supplement

(54:00) “Games I’m into these days…”


Mentions abound!:

Here’s some fucking D&D
Stockholm Scenario Festival archives (use the menu)
LARPS from the Factory (Norwegian short-LARPS in English, book)
Leaving Mundania, Lizzie Stark’s blog about LARP and roleplaying games
The Golden Cobra Challenge
Nordic Larp (a book) site translates into English from the upper right hand corner.
Nørwegian Style, the blog
The Clay that Woke
Epidiah Ravachol’s Welcome Wagon
Jackson Tegu’s Follow (psychogeography recipes)
Itras By

Some historical notes about Whimsy/Storypath from a recent Kickstarter by Stewart Wieck:

.m4a version…

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