Desire is Violence

“As far as we know, this colony on this meager dirtball moon orbiting that sick little sun is all that’s left of humanity. We can’t let ourselves become a genetic dead-end. Let’s fuck so there will be a tomorrow.”

Authority Name: The Anti-violence League and The Anti-violence Pact (shortened to “The League”, and “Vi-Pac” or “The Pact”)
Vice: Utopianism
Victim: Freedom
Visage: Religious
Need: Desire is violence. The sexually unrestrained must have all notions of desire neutralized. If The League gets their way, sex will no longer be a thing that human beings do.

Several years ago, a deadly STI infected the members of the Aldebaraan IV Colony.
Riots and violence erupted as quaratines were violated. Some of the sick were hunted down and murdered.
The Anti-violence League took political power. During its early days, as artifical insemination was 80% successful and procreation could be ensured, sex was outlawed on pain of death.
Since then, the technology or expertise of the scientists is failing, and artifical insemination is less than 20% successful.

The Anti-violence League is an organization tasked with the subdual of all forms of transgression and the maintenance of the species.
The League is now a council of aging “experts”. Their Anti-violence Pact is both a religious text and a literal mission plan (including plans for organizing a peaceful society, providing vegetable-based sustenance, and so on)
to ensure peaceful human viability on a colony planet that has lost contact with Earth.


Rating: NC-17

Systems of Control:
* The population is extremely small and frequently segregated.
* The Pact has resulted in utopian conditions, except with regard to sexuality.
* Most people in society regard any kind of sexuality, even kissing, as disgusting (or worse, violent). A lingering hug will lead to rumours of perversion.
* The League has developed an effective and nearly-side-effect-free libido suppressant.
* The League can genetically engineer babies that are nearly superhuman.

* A secret trove of cryo-stored Earth-raised humans that only The Deviants know about.

Clique: The Deviants, a secret political group that seeks to develop and distribute sexual reproduction, sexual health, and family planning tools.

Your characters have known each other from the age of 4 or 5, as they were placed in the same class.
We’re not interested in any intra-party flirtation, innuendo, or romance, because gross–you’re basically siblings.
That said, this is a game about sexuality: some NPCs will desire you, and you might desire some of them.
Additionally, this is a game about sex; however, anyone can say “fade to black” and we will end the sub-scene there.

We will be using the X card also: LINK

Sample Names:

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